Why the Handprint

The image had to represent family work, craftsmanship, the strength of the hand of man in the field and in winemaking.

The hand of the label is the handprint of Paco García, founder and soul of the winery.

The Paco García brand is a tribute to two Francisco Garcías:

  • PACO GARCÍA, father of Juan Bautista, entrepreneur and founder of the winery.
  • CHISCO GARCÍA, older brother of Juan Bautista, who is no longer with us but who encourages us, from wherever he is, to keep fighting and improving day by day.

It is a tribute to their actions and decisions that one day led them to build a winery, this Winery.The overall picture is the result of the joy and enthusiasm with which we have forged this path.

In October 2011, the new, long sought and longed-for PACO GARCÍA brand finally saw the light.

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  • Paco García Hand Logo

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