Bodegas Paco García is an R&D&I (Innovation Research Development) project begun in 2008 at the hands of Juan Bautista García, a young man born in 1980.

After working for more than 6 years in the family winery (founded in 2001), Juan Bautista wondered about the reasons behind the generational decline in wine consumption.

“Why don’t my friends want to taste the wine?”

“What do we need to offer them so they can understand and enjoy this culture?”

Since then, his only obsession has been to work hard in the winery and on the field to discover which path he had to follow to reach his goal:

Finding a likable, attractive wine that would allow consumers to enjoy it, that he would like and that would allow him to make a living from his passion, grape growing and winemaking.

“What should we achieve?”

The idea was clear, we had to make something different, something set apart, more modern, fruity, flavoursome wines with an eye-catching image and, above all, that would really please today’s youth. That is, , to bring the wine to new generations and to non-users, and that, at the same time, it would allow those who are already introduced into the world of wine to enjoy this wine, with a clear idea in mind to enjoy the world of wine..

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